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Kathy Blais, Owner
In 1999, I founded Traduction-Worldwide out of my passion for languages and translation, and a desire to offer this essential service to the public. My experience in translation and background in office management were the basis for my decision as I worked tirelessly to recruit an amazing team of highly skilled, professional translators, each with their own passion for what they do. Over the years, as the client base grew dramatically to include, individuals, businesses and corporations, I expanded my team in order to respond to the increasing demand for English and French projects, to later include almost all other languages. Communicating with the world is what we do!

Our team

When choosing Traduction-Worldwide for your translation needs, you are guaranteed a quality final product beyond your expectations. Your project will be reviewed and assigned to a translator with a proven track record, highly specialized in your subject matter. We perfectly match a skilled professional translator to each client to ensure the best possible final product.

I am very proud of my team and it is a pleasure to work with them all to better serve you! Here are some of our translators.


Sylvie obtained her degree in business management and human resources from HEC Montréal in 1986 and has over 20 years experience in quality management for various companies in the manufacturing sector.

In 2005, she pursued her studies in translation at Université de Montréal and received her diploma in 2005. Since then, she has acquired 15 years of solid experience as a freelance translator. Sylvie loves outdoor activities, motorcycles and reading.


Prior to fully appreciating his vocation as a translator, Daniel worked in several different sectors such as a laboratory technician, machinist, production manager… As a result of his university training and 10 years of working as a translator, he has become highly experienced in technical and administrative translations.

Daniel has worked with Traduction-Worldwide since 2014. He is familiar with the latest technologies that he uses to benefit the clients. Translation memories, terminology databanks and alignment software are only a some of the computer tools that he masters.

In his spare time, Daniel is an avid reader and loves virtual reality.


Lauréline, a French-language native, has a strong passion for languages. This passion motivated to study in the translation field in both France and in Canada. She obtained her university diploma in Manitoba in 2006 and since then has acquired extensive experience as a freelance translator from English to French Canadian, in several sectors. She has also perfected her French language skills.


Isabelle is passionate about her work and languages. She trained in applied linguistics in the study of grammar but discovered the field of translation from the best school of all, over the years and having accumulated 10 years of work in languages.


Words are her passion. Carole has always been interested in languages and, over the years, has perfected her linguistic knowledge. She taught French as a second language at companies during her studies in translation. She is a general translator, meaning that she is flexible and is interested in many different sectors where she has left her mark for the past 10 years. Technology has evolved and she has a curiosity to learn and master anything new. In her free time, Carole loves to cook, play piano and go biking. She also loves to travel and is eager to make new discoveries.


A lifelong love of reading, words and language led Dawn to embark upon a second career as a translator. After obtaining a B.A. in Translation from Concordia University in 2004, she worked as a freelancer, spent some time at a translation agency where she learned more about translation software tools and the administrative aspect of a translation business, she resumed freelancing and has never looked back.